Fatback Bikes Fatback Saddle

Fatback Saddle

Ever get of you bike to push through some deep snow, Only to get back on the bike and find your saddle is hard as a rock? The Fatback Saddle has been designed to stay soft and flexible in the extreme cold associated with fat biking.


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We hope the only time you think about your saddle is when your installing it. After that, it should be so comfortable you will never think about it again! Just the right amount of flex and give with a padding that stays soft in the cold. Ditch your old "Pain in the Butt" and upgrade to a Fatback Saddle! Available with two rail options. Steel and Titanium, the titanium saves about 50g. over the steel. 

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Fatback Bikes Fatback Saddle
Fatback Bikes Fatback Saddle